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Today is by Gregorian calendar, also by Ethiopian calendar.

In Ethiopia, they use the original calendar which is much different from the Gregorian calendar. Therefore I developed calendar software which it can see both the Gregorian calendar and the Ethiopian calendar in one glance.

Specification of the Ethiopian calendar



Download software from download page.


It is not necessary to install especially. Only unzip the downloaded zip file to any folder.


  1. Execute the unzipped file (EthioCalendar.exe)
  2. Today is displayed by both the Gregorian calendar and the Ethiopian calendar. The day highlighted by yellow is today.
  3. The calendar of this month is displayed by the Gregorian calendar. Two number are displayed in each cell, the number of left-up is the Gregorian calendar, right-down is the Ethiopian calendar.
  4. By clicking the right-up button, changing base calendar, then it displays this month by the Ethiopian calendar. In this case, the number of left-up is the Ethiopian calendar, right-down is the Gregorian calendar.
  5. By clicking both side buttons, it can moved by day, month, and year.
  6. By clicking [Today] button on left-top, it can go back to today.



License and Redistribution

This software is free software. Anyone can use it. Redistribution is also possible. Please send bug report, request of update, and any comments.



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